Mobile Van Advertising

1 Unit
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9,999 - 99,999
Sply. Capacity
30 Units / month
Country Of OriginIndia
Mobile Van Advertising in India, gain lot of attention. A well-designed Mobile Van Advertising wrap can turn a customary vehicle, be it a Van or mini Truck. Mobile Van Branding offer the best value for your money when promoting your business, product, service or launching an event. Imagine an attractive Mobile Van moving around the city, with an eye-getting Advert Billboard. It is likely to catch every eye on the road. The Advert gets all the consideration it deserves. If you’re looking for the most versatile option for your marketing money, Advertisement on Mobile Van has proven to have the least cost per-impression, as compared to any other type of Advertising. Unlike other media alternatives like radio, announcements, TV, or regular postal mail, Mobile Van Advertisement in India work for you
in and day out, 24×7. The best part about Mobile Van Branding is that the brand gets the opportunity to pick the regions where it needs to promote its business. It can specify timings too.